Digital Qualification Centre

Guided by the philosophy of " Digital Qualification for All" we aim to provide offline and online digital education courses meant for Malaysians from all walks of life.

The ultimate goal is to eradicate digital divide, promote digital literacy and elevate digital competency.

Digital Volunteer Centre

The Centre operates as a network of community based service platforms that develop and mobilise digital volunteers who will promote various digital applications , activities and solutions related to community issues and needs.

Digital Innovations Centre

The Centre organises events, competitions and innovation labs aiming to generate innovative ideas that benefits public agencies, business organisations, educational institutions, grass root bodies , communities and families.

Digital Leadership Centre

The Centre serves as a forum for discussions , sharing of experience, success stories and best practices benefiting CIOs and Digital Leaders.

The Centre manages schemes of awards to recognise various outstanding and high impact digital leaders in government, industries and communities that achieved transformational , innovative or positive results in the realm of digital technology discovery, design and deployment.